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Hunt wrongly assumes that the free offer of the gospel to all requires that those to whom it is offered are able to respond. In so doing, Hunt pulls God in His absolute holiness down, making Him accessible to fallen man.

Beginning in 1973, that desire has found fulfillment through his authorship and co-authorship of many books dealing with the incursion into Western culture and religion, and finally the church itself, of Eastern as well as psychological and selfist philosophies, New Age thinking, ecumenism between Catholics and Protestants, and other heretical teachings.

On the back cover of the book are glowing endorsements from Chuck Smith, Elmer Towns, Tim La Haye, and others. comes perilously close to blasphemy” (ellipsis in the quote).

Several families have left my church over this issue, because I teach what Scripture plainly affirms, that God sovereignly chooses to save some, but not all.

It would be as if God were dangling a rope above the grasp of a man trapped in a deep well, saying, “Grab the rope.” These are Hunt’s arguments. Hunt dismisses or waters down all of these texts, saying that they could not mean what Calvinists say they mean, because if they did mean that, sinners could not respond to the gospel and thus the offer of the gospel would not be valid.

These arguments are quite in line with human logic, but the crucial question is, are they in line with biblical revelation? In other words, he reasons in a circle, assuming what he later “proves.” But he does not accept the plain teaching of God’s Word on the human inability to seek after God due to the fall.

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