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David De Angelo contends most men lack a deep understanding of women, and in this way they are at a loss to attract the ones they desire.

As a result, men are forced to accept whomever selects them.

Alternatives have been suggested to "Cocky & Funny", such as "Confident & witty" It should also be noted that De Angelo has acknowledged that his work is a collection of suggestions and ideas and not to be taken as dogma.

As evidenced in his Sexual Communication series, De Angelo encourages students to evaluate his material "with your own minds".

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When commenting on his guest speakers, who sometimes say things that are in complete contrast to De Angelos work, he responds "Good, that makes you think for your self".

David De Angelo (real name Eben Pagan) is an American entrepreneur and author.

And here's the direction news for you, the direction to grasp "magic" with them is NOT through magic at all.

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He is a member of the Seduction community and founder of "Double Your Dating", a company providing dating advice to men and marketed primarily over the Internet.

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