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Evolve SMS is also pretty good with a rating of 4 stars.True Messenger also works with a decent level of accuracy and has a rating of 4 stars on the Play Store.It is built into the stock messaging app on phones running Android Kit Kat or newer.On the i Phone too you can block numbers, which are spamming you.Third party apps like Evolve SMS, SMS Blocker and True Caller messenger can be used to block spam.These apps replace the stock Android messaging app which comes preloaded on your phone.Pay As You Go mobile phone tariffs are often ideal for people who only use their phone occasionally.

In this article, we’ll review and compare the credit expiry and SIM card cancellation policy of UK Pay As You Go mobile networks.We tell you how to make your life a little spam free.Do Not Disturb If you're getting a spam message from an individual number repeatedly, then it is prudent to just report the number at TRAI's Do Not Disturb initiative. In the SMS you should write -"Unsolicited Message, the number of the spammer and the date of the message in DD/MM/YY format."However, if you're getting bombarded by spam messages, then you will have to manually send SMSs for each and every number, which can be cumbersome and time consuming.Apart from smartphone battery life, spam messages are a constant hassle.They just get in the way of things, disturb us at the wrong moments and are just simply irritating. Well, there are measures in place, but people rarely know about them.

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