Dealing with intimidating employees

Just make sure it comes across as asking for advice and not moaning, particularly if the person you're having trouble with is another woman.Put yourself in their shoes We're all creatures of habit and so most people's behaviour can be worked out fairly quickly.Supervisors and shop stewards are equally reticient to address issues with them in a direct and forthright manner.These employees need to be "managed" in a fair, firm and progressive manner.Aggression is often tactical behaviour, don't let colleagues get away with it Photograph: Alamy Dealing with an aggressive colleague?Here are five strategies for managing them without losing your cool.

Bill Eddy is a specialist in High Conflict Personalities and runs the High Conflict Institute: see Eddy's research and experience indicate that high conflict employees share These employees have a destructive effect on workplace morale, employee engagement and overall productivity.

From the management perspective, discussions should be followed up with clear written expectations.

Failure to follow clear directions should result in progressive discipline up to the termination of the employment relationship.

Directors and owners need to ensure that managers and supervisors are fully supported in their efforts to manage high conflict employees - generally - and when faced with harassment complaints and insubordination.

Often, more than one supervisor should be involved in this process.

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For example, when pitching your big idea to a pessimist make sure you point out the potential problems, and explain how you would address them, before they have a chance to.

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