Diablo 3 updating blizzard update agent

Can you see how much you've got in reserve as a preferred after you've hit the 350,000 limit?

I'm just worried she won't have access to much outside of the chapters (I've got access to Chapter Nine) even when the expansion's over and because I've played her so much, her skillset is the easiest for me.

The fight at the end is kind of interesting, but generally I find it a yawn-fest.

Also, I'm currently playing through Shadow of Revan with my level 65 Sorcerer, mainly for the class mini-story since I don't need the gear (I've already got 220/216 gear with 4 set bonuses), the reputation items (maxed out rep), nor the green data crystals.

Either that or they will have to just accept that you might not need a guild ship anymore to do CQ.

Hmm I suppose they could add a sixth and still just limit us to 5 ....

), but why have a limit at all :( Not sure if the mini droids count against the limit, since sometimes the criteria makes no sense. If you do the Heroics on every planet as you level, and why wouldn't you, given the additional challenge and the rewards you get, you level pretty fast these days.

I might dabble in both during these times for leveling characters, if only to grab the WZ Commendations and Requisition. Is Rakata Prime/Legacy of the Rakata the last flashpoint for a bit?

It's been quite draining and I think the final boss in Depths of Manaan bugged out, first time I died because it took me a bit to figure out the fire trick under five minutes and then Stivastin locked onto Doc; I had to literally disengage him from fighting to drag the boss into the fire in order not to die because neither I or the Deity! I spammed Challenging Call, force jumped on- Stivastin ignored me completely.

The hidden cave is cool, so large, and with a centrepiece hook, I put down Satele's camp deco, think I will actually deck this one out too, like Tatooine alliance themed SH.

I kind of hope we get a 6th SH, I would love an ice palace on Hoth. Unfortunately, if they have bugged it and each stronghold WILL add to the Conquest bonus, then I think they'll reconsider putting more in game.

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You can go back and do the story missions for Ilum at any time.

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