Do hindus feel interracial dating

the fact is, even if someone was born here, if they were raised in a very culturally warped environment, they are going to think one way, and it can create a lot of heartache.

If they were born outside of a western country and in their home country-don't waste your time. They met almost 39 years ago and they still have huge problems agreeing on certain things. since he was a teenager, so almost 50 years, and he still has to have things his way and has to work very hard to come to compromises.

I can tell you right now, that culturally, most Indian women(even if they were born and raised in a western country) are very traditional, and protected by their families.

Yes, things are changing, but you should take everything with a grain of salt..

When I do I see an Indian or arab girl with a guy of a different race, hes always white.Indians and Arabs are two completely different set of people with different cultures, traditions, and practices. In the US, arabs are considered "white" whereas Indians are considered "Asian". I am half Indian, though I was born and raised in the u.s.Most Muslims will refrain from engaging in interracial dating simply because it's shunned upon by their religion. and with mostly american cultural morays, so I see things differently than most culturally Indian women.One of his daughter when she was teenager was in love with some non-arab guy and her father found out he FREAKED out. She was under lock and key after that and always resented her father for forcing her to end that relationship and resented her brothers for not stepping in to defend her.When this same daughter was married with her arab husband and living in the US one of her daughters started dating an African American man and the father made a huge deal of it and would not accept them getting married, but they did anyways and once they had a child the father came around and eventually accepted him.

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Even if the person acts very "westernized", believe me, they don't think that way.

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