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I am concerned that I might vomit watching this, but for the sake of this recap I power through. Apparently the date is to feed the swimming pigs hot dogs, which basically means they’ll be feeding pigs other pigs while they’re playing in water filled with pig sweat, breath and feces.I can’t think of anything I would hate more than this, and I hate a lot of things.Regardless, he’s letting us know we’re no longer in Las Vegas; we’ve traveled to Mexico City. Out of nowhere, Leah, the chick who stepped out of the limo and hiked a football to Ben while wearing a dress, becomes very emotional about her lack of time with him.ONE-ON-ONE DATEBen arrives at the hotel to pick up Caila, who should just spell her name Kayla like a normal person, before walking her to a boat.

Most of the women listen and appreciate what he’s saying. Leah decides to instead talk about how Lauren B., the flight attendant with airline puns, is not the same person around the women that she is around him. walks in to interrupt and Ben tells her what was just said. returns to the rest of the women on the group date, she’s clearly upset by it.The women are miserable, obviously, but 26-year-old Ben thinks they’re having fun. As the date progresses, one by one, Ben walks into the water with each woman while the rest of them watch and talk to one another about how they’re not getting any personal attention.When it’s her turn for a short walk to the same spot Ben's taken every woman, Leah, the chick who stepped out of the limo and hiked a football to him while wearing a dress, cries about the lack of attention he’s given her.You know, like every spring break you took in college if you went to college on the East Coast.After the bottle of tequila is finished, the boat docks and the women notice there are a bunch of pigs swimming in the water.

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  1. I met two men as part of this service and both were duds. He pays for a swanky apartment in midtown and then some by basically allowing gay, mostly chubby, asian/indian software engineers to hang out with him at bars and gay clubs where he uses negative reinforcement to pester them into accepting advances from other gay males.