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If you could prove that he was violent then is he fit to keep his daughter.

Her strategy was smart, but failed to when it came down to reality TV." In response, Erica posted an Instagram of what appears to be a contract for another season of Back in February 2016, when it was first revealed that Erica wouldn't be back, she told Wetpaint that she's "at peace" with the change.

Season 6, and while reality show casts often change, this one seems a little surprising because of everything that went down last season between her and the father of her child, Lil Scrappy.

As for what Erica Dixon is doing now, aside from no longer being a cast member on the series, her life seems largely the same, minus some of the drama...

Here are five facts about the woman who made “Love & Hip Hop” that much juicier.And to share this story, she created a character named Bell.“The easiest way to share my story is through Bell, a character I created who is the voice of so many children caught up in the system, living with parents addicted to drugs and alcohol, fearful that people will tease them about their clothes, wondering where their next meal will come from, where they’ll live or if they’ll live to see tomorrow,” she wrote.Maybe I shouldn't be impressed by anyone who travels by private jet, but I can't help but think of it as the mark of someone who is doing just fine for themselves.Erica recently traveled with Darryl Drake, CEO of Total Life Changes, as a part of a campaign to help others achieve business success.

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After exiting “Love & Hip Hop,” Erica Dixon set out to make some more cash flow. Dixon created the clothing line named “Klass6,” which offers day and night attire for summer and fall seasons.

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