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In times of persecution, Hebrews would flee to Africa to escape, but never to Europe.

This is no doubt due to their appearance, cultural ties, and familiarity with African people, because they’d been mixing with them since the very beginning.

In either scenario, the Bible never speaks of a white or light Hebrew nation.

Let’s take a look at Hebrew and Hamite mixing before the Exodus. In the early chapters of Genesis, we’re told that the Cushite Nimrod built Babel.

We aren’t told anything about her other than the fact that she is indeed a Cushite (Ethiopian).

The mixed multitude mentioned in Exodus -38 explains how Moses had time to find and marry a Cushite woman, while still serving as the leader of the nation of Israel.

The reason for this is that most of the teaching on it comes from cherry picking specific situations and attempting to apply them across the board.There are no records of any non black nations inhabiting those parts of Africa.We can also be assured that Hebrews looked similar to Africans because God always sent them to Africa to hide, but never to Europe.Even if we work under the false assumption that Hebrews were white, their children would look like mixed race black people that we see today, and maybe even darker due to growing up in and living in the intense African sun.Suggested Reading This small mention of a mixed multitude coming out of Egypt with Israel after the Exodus also explains two other mentions of interracial marriage soon after leaving Egypt.

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When we compare it to how Egyptians painted themselves, we see that the Bible is 100% accurate when they point out that people couldn’t tell the two nations apart.

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