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Map of Lincolnshire drawn by Humphry Lhuyd before his death in 1568 and published in Abraham Ortelius's Atlas in 1573.

The map shows the Lincolnshire Wolds for the first time and other areas of local high ground, along with major rivers and key settlements (Image: Wikimedia Commons).

The coastline appears derivative of the tradition of the Gough Map/Angliae Figure, but with more of an indication of The Wash than the latter (as is the case on the 1546 Lily map as well).

Only the major rivers are shown along with just a handful of Lincolnshire place-names: Lincoln, Stamford, the Isle of Axholme, Sleaford and 'Walflet', which looks to be Wainfleet or a combination of Wainfleet and Saltfleet.

district-)name and is once again placed in eastern Lindsey, close to Louth (Image: British Library).

As on the Gough Map, the curious name 'Ageland' appears highlighted in red as a major (?

Only two district names appear in Lincolnshire, Axholme and 'Agelon', the latter clearly being equivalent to the earlier 'Ageland' and written across Lindsey in a larger font than the other names, whilst the district-name Lindsey is left out entirely (Image: Lancaster University).

John Leland's sketch map of the Humber district, created c.

Map of Lincolnshire, extracted from the map of England by Matthew Paris, c. Norfolk is at the bottom with an thin depiction of The Wash above it and then the Holland district; the Witham and Humber (with its many tributaries) are depicted in blue with the district of Lindsey located between them (Image: BL Cotton MS Claudius D VI, fol. A map of England attributed to Genoese cartographer Pietro Vesconte in Marino Sanudo's Liber secretorum of c.

1325, based on his earlier portolan chart and mariners' reports; click for a larger view.

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This post is primarily intended to share images of some of the interesting early maps of Lincolnshire that still exist, dating from the medieval era through until the early seventeenth century.

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