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While searching the castle and using a forbidden small gold key on a massive key ring, she discovered that all of her husband's previous wives (all international beauties) had suffered horrible fates and were stored frozen in a vault in the Baron's basement, beyond a secret passage and sliding door. She asked Bluebeard about which of her breasts with pet names that he preferred; she was seduced in a lesbian scene with a Prostitute (Sybil Danning) while learning how to pleasure a man To buy time from being killed herself as the next victim by dawn, Anne convinced mass-murdering killer Bluebeard, who had also mummified his dead mother, to tell his wives' life/death stories - a series of vignettes in flashback - to free his soul.

Bill's radical goal was to fight the railroad bosses and unionize Reader Rail Road.

Bob Fosse's musical was the first one ever to be given an X rating (although later re-rated) with its numerous sexual flings (including bisexuality, homosexuality and abortion) and hedonistic club life. " Sally: (caustically wondering) "Maybe you just don't sleep with girls. Well, listen, we're practically living together, so if you only like boys, I mean, I wouldn't dream of pestering you. "Although reluctant to discuss such matters, Brian admitted: "I do not sleep with girls.

When Brian was a tenant in the boarding room apartment with Sally and shared one of her rooms for tutoring lessons, she attempted to seduce him. Let me be absolutely accurate." He then confessed how he was unlucky with three previous attempts at heterosexual sex - all were disastrous ("The word for my sex life now is 'nil,' or as you Americans would say, 'plenty of nuttin'").

" Sally: "I do." Brian: (after a pained laugh, pause and smile) "So do I." Sally: "You two bastards! At shot-gun-point in the woods, in a nightmarish and frightening sequence, a sexually-perverted rustic mountain man (Bill Mc Kinney) viciously targeted and humiliated Bobby Trippe (Ned Beatty) - a chubby-faced, defenseless intruder into his territory.

The fat salesman was forced to first strip down to his underwear, and then after a degrading roll around in the dirt and up a steep, leaf-strewn hillside while fondling and groping his prey, the mountain man/rapist made Bobby squeal like a female sow before sodomizing him.

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Bill was imprisoned and severely beaten for his past unionizing efforts, while Bertha was forced to become a prostitute.

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