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If you want a tenant bad enough as a landlord, you may let things slide.If you want the apartment badenough as a tenant, you’re going to do everything possible to prove you are a credit worthy person.Unfortunately, he only had a 675 credit score because he whiffed on his medical school payments! Just like how employers screen the first cut of applicants based on grades, landlords do the same with credit scores.If you’re one of those job applicants who purposefully omits their GPA on their resume, like the seven applicants who included a report but had no score, you’re going to be looked at with suspicion.Landlord’s Perspective: If there are nine applicants with 760 credit scores, ,000 in liquid assets, who all make over 0,000 income, why would anybody choose another applicant with a 680 credit score, with the same income and assets?Sure, the applicant with a 680 credit score might be really thoughtful and nice, but so are the other applicants!

Having a credit score is MUCH better than having a credit report with no score.Don’t let landlords start wondering what else you may be hiding!Finally, if you don’t want to provide your credit score or credit report, that’s fine as well.Landlords don’t have time to go through every single line-item in your credit report.They want that credit score and any explanations you care to add.

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Each application contained at least one bank statement, an earnings statement, a letter of reference, sometimes a resume, and of course their latest credit score.

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