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At other times, especially in the smoking-cars of long-distance trains, where American business men talk unguardedly and where I listened silently, I was aware again of the differences — wide and profound — between their way of tjiought and that of my own folk, their manner of speech, their " viewpoint," as they would call it. We spoke the same language, with a difference of intonation, but quite otten the words meant different things.

They were as ignorant of Europe as I was of America.

The President makes recommendations of a general nature to Congress ; he may veto and return Bills to Congress that have been passed by that body. CHILE PERU ECUADOR BOLIVIA VENEZUELA URUGUAY PARAGUAY COLOMBIA Chapter XXV.Congress consists of two branches, the Senate and House of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA i DEPENDENCIES 54 Chapter II. The laws of the United States are made by Congress, which meets once a year, or more often, if necessary, upon the call of the President. 114 SIAM 114 FRENCH INDO-CHINA 117 THE DUTCH EAST INDIES 119 Chapter V. FINLAND AND THE BALTIC STATES 155 THE BALTIC STATES 157 LITHUANIA 160 Chapter VII. The President is elected by " electors " appointed by the direct vote of the people of each State B THE OUTLINE OE THE WORLD TO-UAV to a number equivalent to the total number of Senators and Representatives sent to Congress.

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Under the compromise of 1820 it had been decided that slaverj' should not be interfered with in the States in which it existed when the Constitution was accepted, but the Mexican War brought additional territory under the dominion of the United States.

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