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For this reason its range is limited to database operations and necessary functions; PSQL is in itself however a full and powerful language, and offers more functionalities than you can use if you were just sat on the client.The full range of keywords and functions available for use in procedures and triggers can be found in the for the definition, description and variables of a stored procedure along with comprehensive instructions of how to use IBExpert's Stored Procedure Editor.After that execution resumes at the statement following the terminated loop.Don't forget to specify the condition carefully, otherwise you could end up with an infinite loop!Client applications anywhere on the network can optionally listen—by way of “event alerters”—for specific events that they are interested in, without needing to poll for changes specifically.

The code module can handle an error itself with an optional piece of code, known as an , which is a sequence of statements bounded by BEGIN and END, preceded by a directive beginning with the keyword WHEN.

An unhandled exception stops processing, undoes any work done thus far, and returns an error message to the application.

You can also have your code raise a custom exception itself and stop processing.

It allows an enormous flexibility and a high level of user customization.

Using such dynamic procedures allows you to define your SQL at runtime, making on the fly alterations as the situation may demand. Statements that alter the state of the current transaction (such as ) in the SQL statement, as there is no way to specify the input actuals.

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