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I tried to answer some requests especially the ones asking for me sucking dick, as you can see I really like giving head.

Well enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.

We're all taking turns telling part of the story, so its taking longer.

Also, we haven't really done anything new lately, so we thought we'd space the stories out a bit more. it's me again well I hope my pics are getting better, sorry still no eyes I am sure I will do it soon.

So, anyway, here's the story of how Lisa and I got back to school. It's getting a little easier with all the good feedback .

At first they resisted so I told them I had there back.At first she was quite shy but as time passed she became more and more at ease with her body.At this point most stories go into some description of what the lady in the story looks like, but I won't delve into that aspect because I believe that all women are beautiful, making their description irrelevant and also because you'll see the pic attached. My wife and I have been long time fans of exhibitionism and we have a couple of incidents to tell you about.First we went out to eat and had lots of wine with dinner.Then we went to a male strip club where we Here is another pic to add with those I posted already.

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