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And my boss told me before she was hired that he wasn’t trying to make someone my manager. She is often checking in on projects I’m working on and wants to meet every afternoon to see where I’m at. I have a feeling the owner of the company has told her that she is in charge and then has told me that there is no hierarchy just so he can avoid confrontation.

It also is highly possible that I’m just reacting badly to having an authority thrust upon me after several months of being my on my own and managing my own projects.

If so, it could make sense to say that like others who have left recently, you found your boss difficult to work with and that you think it would benefit the company to look into the reasons for the turnover on your team.

But unless you’re positive they’ll protect you from any repercussions, I’d stick to saying that you’ve enjoyed your time there and are leaving for grad school.

I am a writer at a small digital marketing agency (less than 20 people) and a new person was just hired as a “senior copywriter and digital strategist.” This would place her above me in the hierarchy, except we don’t have any real hierarchy …

and she doesn’t have the writing experience to be a senior copywriter.

At first she mentioned having a boyfriend in conversations, but there was nothing strange about anything she said.

I know she doesn’t have the experience and instead I’m feeling micromanaged. If he’s actually told her that she should manage you, this will hopefully prompt him to tell you that yes, she’s actually supposed to be doing these things.Within three months of him joining, all original team members had quit, each of whom had spent several years at the organization.We have also lost some contractors since then, and they cited him as a primary reason for leaving.Because really, at that rate of turnover, if they want to know what’s going on, they can find out, and it doesn’t need to be at your potential expense. My coworker says she’s dating a cartoon character Someone I work with thinks she is dating a Japanese cartoon character.She was hired in the fall after finishing college last spring.

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My interview was rescheduled the day it was supposed to happen I currently am interviewing for a position within my department.

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