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I'd always been a computer nerd; I'd received a ZX81 for my 9th birthday, way back in the early 80's and I never looked back.The rest of my formative years were spent surfing the technological wave, writing code, exploring the capabilities of these fantastic machines and, of course hacking.

I didn't want to pick someone up and spend a night or a weekend whipping and tormenting them only to have them disappear off to their day job on Monday morning.

As a result, I became a 'smelly bedroom hermit' through my teen years, staying in my room for days on end, emerging only to eat and grunt something at my poor, worried parents.

I had few friends, mostly other lads like me, and had difficulty interacting with others, especially females.

It felt like the limits were too restrictive, that the sub was actually the one in charge and that, as with my girlfriends, I was the one being used for their benefit.

In short, I wanted to be utterly selfish, to have absolute control, continuity and permanence, like some ancient Roman despot.

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They fascinated me in the usual ways to be sure, but I found them alien and even a little threatening; talking to them, even if they noticed me, was almost impossible. company in the 90's the name and precise business of which is unimportant.

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