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The score does not include inquiries when: Most scoring models take the appropriate steps to make sure your score is not lowered because of the multiple inquires that might occur in a specific time period as a result of shopping for the best terms in an automobile loan, home loan, or insurance coverage. Credit reports and credit scores are tools the loan officer uses to help make the credit granting decision.

Lenders vary in how they interpret the information on the credit report and credit score.

It is an objective, non-biased lending tool used by lenders to provide you with a faster, fairer, and more consistent response.

It's important to remember that insurers use your credit data differently than a creditor or a lender, making it necessary to use different scoring formulas to evaluate your credit history.Your score simply represents a snapshot of your credit report on the day it was calculated.Your insurance score may be used as part of the underwriting decision when trying to obtain insurance. Each scoring model measures different factors, depending on how it is used.Insurance scores range from 150 to 950, which is different than credit scores which typically range from 300 to 850.Since insurance companies look at different aspects of your credit history than lenders or creditors, they have developed different formulas to evaluate your credit.

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It gives lenders a fast and objective measurement in determining the risk in lending money to you.

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