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FROM THE MAKERS OF THE FAMOUS GALAXY TRANSCEIVERS I The Galaxy FM-210 2 Meter FM Transceiver Now every Amateur can buy Galaxy's well-known quality and performance in a 2-Meter FM Transceiver! Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms Nominal Power Req*mts; 12-14 VDC (or optional power booster) Transmitter: Power Input: 5 watts (10 W. Con- trol; 3 Chan, crystal controlled • Microphone: High Impedance req'd. crystal controlled • Audio Output: 3 watts (intr'nl 3.2 spkr.) Power Booster: Provides high power operation from either 12-14VDC or 117 VAC. (,95), galaxy electronics "Pacesetter in Amateur/Commercial Equipment Design" 10 South 34th Street • Dept.73-FF46* Council Biuffs, Iowa 51501 It-- 0^ ^ G . It isn^t proper, after all, to steer clear of foul language, if I'm going to turn right around and backbite some other ham.

This American-made, solid-state, FET front end transceiver offers no compromise perform- ance for direct or repeater communications., .a full 5 watts of Power (or 10 watts with the optional AC-DC Power Booster 1) Check these specs and you'll agree it's a lot of Transceiver for only 9,951 See one.. Au 2 I isr PETERBOROUGH, NEW HAMPSHIRE 03458 73 Magazine /1 09, October 1969 Features 2 de W2NSD/1 II Sotderiog Aid 13 Try This One 31 Autobandwidth 39 ^Mobile Heater Switching 49 ISh Jetded Braid 75 Simpte Code Oscillator III New Prcx Jucts 113 ^opagati on 114 Crossword Puzzle 122 euy or Rent 128 ZL to SM Moonbounce 128 New Amateur TV Record in VK ! K2AGZ Similar to "Grumbles/' but by a licensed amateur, not a CB'er Scope Calibrator , . I may never utter a sacrilege, yet I may get away with slander, libel or 1 may bear false witness.

W4ISIVK Nine db on 40 meters might be called *'super/* DX Corner , ___.,, K2AG2 WTW reports and other DX jazz. There seems to be some idea that if a guy waves Old Glory and says he believes in the sanctity of motherhood and the home, he is then perfectly free to go on the air and express all kinds of poison J without fear of retribution- He can say anything, (so long as he doesn't cuss,) about another race, creed or color.

Proportional Controt Crystal Oven ..,*,*,,*,,,,** W2CLL You need this sort of thing for moonbouni:^ work and such. The meter, M 1 is a standard VU or decibel meter to ensure that the lever going out onto the hne were the same as that coming in (no more than db).

WB2FHW No need to junk that C8 rig when you get your Tech ticket. If the apparatus had an impedance equal to the primary impedance of the transformer, you could then leave out all three resistors and there would be no attenuation.

R2 would st Ol match the transformer, R3 would match the source (10 K), Rl would, have to be about 10 times the larger of the other two (in the case, 200 K).

Taking another case, suppose you were using the same transformer as before, but feeding it from a 10 K source.

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