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Lake Tahoe is still fire prone, but the seasonal window at which the fuels are most explosive is fairly short, and suppression resources are increased during that time." Wildfire map of Cal Fire history of fires from Sac Bee The Lake Tahoe Basin was formed by geologic block (normal) faulting about 2 to 3 million years ago.A geologic block fault is a fracture in the Earth's crust causing blocks of land to move up or down.* Lake Tahoe is as long as the English Channel is wide with the width of Tahoe being half again as wide as San Francisco Bay.

Modern Lake Tahoe was shaped and landscaped by the scouring glaciers during the Ice Age (the Great Ice Age began a million or more years ago).

* The Panama Canal (700 feet in width and 50 feet in depth) could be filled by Lake Tahoe's water and extend completely around the earth at the equator, with enough remaining in the lake to fill another channel of the same width and depth running from San Francisco to New York.

* An average 1,400,000 tons of water evaporates from the surface of Lake Tahoe every 24 hours, yet this drops the lake level only one-tenth of an inch.

* Lake Tahoe never freezes due to the constant mass movement of water from the bottom to the surface.

In February 1989, Emerald Bay froze over for the first time since 1952.

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Skiing: Skiers can hit the slopes on one of the 182 ski trails in the midst of more than 8,800 total ski resort acres. Movies Filmed at Lake Tahoe: Indian Love Call, starring Jeanette Mc Donald, was the first movie to be filmed at Lake Tahoe in the 1920's.

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