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Having received g_a from the update with encrypted Chat Requested, it can immediately generate the final shared key: and key_fingerprint.For all of Client B’s authorized devices, except the current one, update Encryption updates are sent with the constructor encrypted Chat Discarded.Let us consider the following scenario: User A would like to initiate encrypted communication with User B.User A executes Dh Config to obtain the Diffie-Hellman parameters: a prime p, and a high order element g.User B receives the update update Encryption for all associated authorization keys (all authorized devices) with the chat constructor encrypted Chat Requested.The user must be shown basic information about User A and must be prompted to accept or reject the request.With g_b from the update, Client A can also compute the shared key Please note that your client must support Forward Secrecy in Secret Chats to be compatible with official Telegram clients.

Thereafter, it generates a random 2048-bit number, b, using rules similar to those for a.(In the older MTProto 1.0 encryption, only 0 to 15 padding bytes were used.) Message key, msg_key, is computed as the 128 middle bits of the SHA256 of the data obtained in the previous step, prepended by 32 bytes from the shared key key.(For the older MTProto 1.0 encryption, msg_key was computed differently, as the 128 lower bits of SHA1 of the data obtained in the previous steps, Data is encrypted with a 256-bit key, aes_key, and a 256-bit initialization vector, aes-iv, using AES-256 encryption with infinite garble extension (IGE).Both clients are to check that g, g_a and g_b are greater than one and smaller than p-1.We recommend checking that g_a and g_b are between 2^ and p - 2^ as well.

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