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Twitter accused the studio of straight-washing the film, a practice that's still unfortunately used to sell stories that could be deemed "non-mainstream." To imply that Elio and Marzia are the main love interests in the film is, of course, false.

But their interactions still carry their own weight.

Toward the end of Esther Garrel’s four-hour shoot with The Post, the photographer asked her to smile for the camera.

The 26-year-old politely replied: “I think I’m out of smiles today — I’m not that kind of girl.” Then she assumed a confident, fierce pose.

"Similar to Armie, we had the privilege of spending weeks together in advance and getting to know each other.

As a woman, watching her fall in love with the boy she's known her whole life — only to be pushed aside for Oliver (Hammer) — felt like a replay of some of my own failed teenage love stories.

“She’s like an angel for [Elio],” she told The Post in between puffs of her cigarette.

“Her feelings for him are so huge that they exceed everything else.

The two young men soon fall into a deep, passionate affair, leaving Marzia on the losing end of the love triangle.

But even though she doesn’t identify with Marzia’s selfless act of giving up on her boyfriend, Garrel does admire her character.

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