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This can make locating German ancestors a bit more challenging than many think.Prior to its unification in 1871, Germany consisted of a loose association of kingdoms (Bavaria, Prussia, Saxony, Wurttemberg...), duchies (Baden...), free cities (Hamburg, Bremen, Lubeck...), and even personal estates - each with its own laws and record keeping systems.After a brief period as a unified nation (1871-1945), Germany was again divided following World War II, with parts of it given to Czechoslovakia, Poland and the USSR.What was left was then divided into East Germany and West Germany, a division that lasted until 1990.

Germany's life as a unified nation didn't even begin until 1871, making it a much "younger" country than most of its European neighbors.No matter where your family ended up, you can't research your German roots until you have learned more about your more recent ancestors.As with all genealogy projects, you need to begin with yourself, talk to your family members, and follow the other basic steps of starting a family tree.Parish registers are generally kept by the local parish office.In come cases, however, the older parish registers may have been forwarded to a central parish register office or ecclesiastical archives, a state or municipal archive, or a local vital registration office.

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Some may be found among the records of the six countries which have received portions of former Germany territory (Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Poland, and the USSR).

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