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For example, you can perform logging every time an entity is updated, archive data whenever an entity is deleted, or automatically check and update related data as needed when inserting a row with a foreign key value. For example, when you update a department, you might need to validate that no other departments have the same administrator because one person cannot be administrator of more than one department.

There are three ways you can work with data in the Entity Framework: . For information about the differences between these workflows and guidance on how to choose the best one for your scenario, see Entity Framework Development Workflows. This lets you combine the advantages of an n-tier approach with the benefits of using a Web Forms control for data access.In one of those tutorials, you made changes in the designer manually to synchronize the data model with the database after a database change.In this tutorial, you will use the designer's Update Model From Database tool to update the data model automatically.In this tutorial you will create separate classes for business logic and for data-access logic.The class that encapsulates data-access logic is called a .

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