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In the end, the only thing that matters is that you give it a shot. All that matters is that you enjoy every moment with each other. Within the recent years, this city has evolved to a globally recognized metropolitan city. Dress appropriately and the girls will react appropriately. You might think to yourself “oh, that’s not a big deal.” Yep, you might think that. I was stupid enough to go for the kiss while ten people were standing next to us. I can’t think of a more inappropriate place to kiss a Thai woman. Okay, maybe in the middle of a train while everyone is silently watching you. She will feel ashamed, humiliated, and extremely uncomfortable, even if you are the man of her dreams. And the malls and cinemas are more futuristic than spaceships. Her parents were so nervous when we met for the first time. You will, at least if you’re dating a Thai girl in Thailand. Sometimes it’s so beautiful that you forget that you are actually quite different. Does Your Thai Girl Speak English By Guest Blogger: Marc Lewis Do Thais Speak English?There is actually some debate about this in Thailand.If you were to make a visit for a couple of weeks your answer would probably be, “Yes.” But that is because you would most likely go to the tourist areas(…)More Do People Speak English in Thailand? Thailand is a wondrous place of beautiful landscapes and beautiful people.There is actually some debate about English in Thailand. Your Thai girl would love to have you visit her(…)More A Million Great Places For Fitness In Thailand No one would argue the value of having a place for fitness in Thailand.

It’s not normal for a girl to introduce a man to their parents. Sometimes they don’t even have spoons and forks and you have to eat with chopsticks. Of course, they asked me if she’s a bar girl and they started torturing me with ladyboy jokes. Does that mean that the ladyboy jokes have stopped? If you want to date a Thai girl, you have to get used to the surprised and sometimes even rude reactions of your friends and family. I say almost because I met guys who tried to be in relationships with Thai women who didn’t speak a word English. Communication is the corner stone of every relationship, no matter if she’s Russian, Colombian, or Thai.

Therefore, it’s hardly true that Thai women in general prefer foreign men.

Farang men have been coming to Thailand looking for brides for over 40 years.

I don’t care if she wants to watch the latest Transformers movie. You will go crazy with her relaxed attitude and she calms you down when you drive her crazy with your worries about the future. Okay, there’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll ruin your life, but the chances are high. Please don’t believe a bar girl when she tells you that she loves you. I don’t want you to be another Farang who hates Thailand, just because you ended up dating the wrong girl.

Unless you want to end up as a broken Farang in a country without any social security system, you absolutely have to follow this rule. Nevertheless, it can be hard to understand her, at least sometimes. If you end up dating a bar girl, your life will be ruined.

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