Graveyard shift dating

Also, in this area sometimes a Toddler on a tricycle is spotted.

There have been accounts of cold spots where the temperature is significantly colder in a localized area. A temporary nurse working the graveyard shift reports - First night there, a well-dressed, friendly woman unlocked the door to cheerily let her in & gave her directions to the unit.

Most common is the Ghost of a little Girl whom is spitted in the front yard of one of the houses.

The road is narrow and twisting with a lot of Hills, the Deadliest curve, it's been reported that the Ghost of a little boy running with his dog.

One witness reports he was going to his car from the beach at what is called "Suicide Hill" and saw two little girls walking up the path towards him. A guy who works there confirmed one of his ex-coworkers saw the same girls and heard giggling in the woods in that area.

Supposedly two young sisters drowned in the waters off the point back in the 70's.

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