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Some National Servicemen from Canberra, Queanbeyan, Yass, Goulburn and other southern NSW centres trained at Puckapunyal in Victoria.

Northern Territory and Broken Hill National Servicemen trained at Woodside in South Australia.

Overseas service was automatic in the Navy and Air Force. World War Two militia had been restricted to Australia and territories in the south-west Pacific.

Recruiting for the regular Armed Services proving insufficient, the Menzies Government re-introduced conscription which had ended in 1945. National Service was in the Australian tradition since Federation in 1901 of volunteer forces for overseas service backed up by a pool of basically trained men in the Naval Reserve, the Citizens Military Forces and the Citizens Air Force.

National Servicemen were on Naval ships that visited Korean waters during hostilities.

They also were at the atomic bomb tests in 1952 at Monte Bello Islands in Western Australia and in 1956 at Maralinga in South Australia.

TRAINING PERIOD Under the National Service Act 1951, all young men turning 18 on or after l November 1950 were required to undertake 176 days standard recruit training in the Navy, Army and Air Force, followed by five years in their respective Reserves.

The first call-up notices were issued on 12 April 1951 and the first National Servicemen, for the RAAF, marched in during July. The Navy required its National Servicemen for 124 days continuous training and then thirteen days training each year for four years in the Naval Reserve.

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In certain cases, equivalent training was recognised as National Service SERVICE NUMBERS Navy National Service numbers were followed by NS (i.e. 2/771128 or A111409 ) usually indicated the State in which the trainee was called up: 1 Queensland, 2 New South Wales, 3 Victoria, 4 South Australia, 5 Western Australia, 6 Tasmania and 1 (later 8) Papua New Guinea..

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