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Changing the sheet name does not change the code name meaning that referencing a sheet by the code name is a good idea.If you look in the VBE property window you will see both names.The code below writes “Hello World” in Cell A1 of Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet3 of the current workbook.If you still have issues then use one of the loops from Loop Through The Worksheets section to print the names of all worksheets the collection.This collection is simply called Worksheets and is used in a very similar way to the Workbooks collection.To get access to a worksheet all you have to do is supply the name.The Active Sheet object refers to the worksheet that is currently active.

Using Worksheets is more straightforward than using workbooks.

Otherwise you should specify the worksheet you are using.

If you use a worksheet method like Range and don’t mention the worksheet, it will use the active worksheet by default.

In VBA, each workbook has a collection of worksheets.

There is an entry in this collection for each worksheet in the workbook.

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As the position can easily be changed by the user it is not a good idea to use this.

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