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The IHS is the principal federal health care provider and health advocate for Indian people, and its goal is to raise their health status to the highest possible level.

As we sit here smugly in the 21st century, we tend to think that we have all of life’s conveniences figured out.

These machines were used by plenty of businesses for urban deliveries, where they were more maneuverable, easier to park and cheaper to operate than cars.

In fact, Indian,s 1929 promotion of its Scout Service Car noted: "Average cost of light automobile delivery 7 cents per mile, usually more.

The Cycletow framework extended forward to a clamp-on tow bar, which could be affixed to the rear bumper of a car or truck, allowing the entire machine to be safely hauled like a trailer.The whole concept of door-to-door service is so foreign to us all these years later that even Indian,s description of the process above probably needs a little further explanation.So here's how this would have worked from the customer,s perspective back in the ‘40s when Camens’ bike was in use.The area between the two front wheels could accommodate passenger seating, but it could also be fitted with a cargo box, giving the bike significant hauling capabilities.By the '20s, the Tri-car configuration had gone out of fashion, but Indian, along with other American manufacturers, offered "service cars," motorcycles with a cargo-carrying sidecar attached.

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An ingenious tow bar with a generously padded clamp makes this combination possible."Thus, labor costs will be cut in half, and operation costs reduced to a small fraction of present figures."The concept of using motorcycles for commercial purposes goes back to the very earliest years of motorized transportation.

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  1. BATU PAHAT (The Star Online 5/2/11): The Opposition’s claim that the Government is going bankrupt due to its huge deficit is unfair, as a country’s wealth should not be measured in terms of its debt but ability to service it.