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Price: 95 ICAO FIR Flight Information Region (FIR'S), are critical elements in the planning activity of Aviation.

History: The ICAO GIS Services create an electronic database based on the geographical (FIR's) from around the world.

Database available for Download from PHP interface Viewer ICAO VHF Data and More (data management for frequency assignments and radar data / SSR Mode S II codes with the ICAO Global database). Price: ICAO is waiting for an ESRI Bronze partner accreditation Arc GIS for Aviation: Airports assists airports and their consultants in managing, performing quality control, and analyzing their airport data for regulatory compliance such as the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Airports GIS program, EUROCONTROL's Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ), and ICAO's Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (e TOD) requirements.

The product provides a complete GIS platform including tools, templates, and workflows that introduce efficiencies and new capabilities into the planning, maintenance, and day-to-day operations of airports.

Price: 95 USD Description: Which type of movements?

First the data are from OAG traffic flow for year 2015: 33,218,407 total movements (depart and arrival) for the year (domestic and International) and if you make a segmentation (clipping all the flight path with the ICAO FIR you obtain 104,969,637 total movements for 2015) because some flight path are devised in 3,4,5 or more dependent of the number of crossing FIR.

By 2015, all ICAO Civil Aviations Authorities must capture this data Price subscription: .99 by month or /year .

In conjunction with the development of FF (FREQUENCY FINDER), the ICAO Aeronautical Communications Panel (ACP) has updated the technical basis for frequency assignment planning.

The result of this work is incorporated in Volume II of the ICAO Handbook on Radio Frequency Spectrum Requirements for Civil Aviation (Doc. The current version (September 2012) includes frequency assignment planning criteria for VHF COM systems.

History: The ICAO GIS Services create an electronic database based of ICAO World ATS Route from around the world.

We make a compilation in the ESRI format shape file provide by Email or secure direct download site when you order, Files send to you: World ICAO_ATSroute.shp, world ICAO_ATSpts.shp, world ICAO_SIGpts.shp, Bonus other routes to make better study..ICAO COM database Price: 0 ANP's compilation of all Search and Rescue ICAO Plan, SAR Information Region following part of (FIR'S) and MORE layers see the SAR GIS SERVICES, are critical elements in the planning activity of Aviation.

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