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I even used to own a dating site that encouraged black women to open their minds to men of all races.The interracial dating bloggers behind Beyond Blackand But that doesn't mean that I advocate racism.

I told him that his mother and sister were beautiful (they look like the model Oluchi Onweagba) and that he should look for their beauty, which is not uncommon in the African Diaspora, in the women on his campus.It's not difficult to find videos of black men demeaning black women’s physical characteristics.These men promote a standard of beauty that dark-hued kinky haired black women can’t biologically attain, while mocking us in our attempts to halfway meet that standard through long, straight-haired weaves and wigs.As many as 63% said they've felt more confident about dating people from different races or ethnicities when online dating.And 66% said that online dating services have made it easier to meet potential partners of a different race or ethnicity.

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