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“They really court you in America, if they want you to do something.” In this move to US primetime, he is undoubtedly following in the footsteps of his fellow Brit and good friend Damian Lewis. I met him the night after he won an Emmy for ‘Homeland’ for a whisky in a New York bar, and he was dumbfounded, stunned.I thought it was hilarious.” The Following debuts tonight on Sky Atlantic. Terrifying cat-and-mouse thriller 'The Following' stars Golden Globe winner and Emmy® nominee Kevin Bacon ('Mystic River', 'Apollo 13') and the UK’s James Purefoy ('Rome').

But lets get to the meat of things, Altered Carbon is interesting because it shows exactly what is wrong with today's shows when everything else about the show is near perfect: The Writing.

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For the new creepy thriller ‘The Following’ which debuts on Sky Atlantic this evening, British actor James Purefoy admits he has based his character on a handful of real life serial killers both dead (like Ted Bundy) and alive.

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don't let the chains fool you Purefoy is compelling, if not cheerful, in his assessment that “serial killers may be anywhere”, but he’s happy enough with this... I’m a fan of TV that grabs you by the f***ing throat.” The success of the show will depend on Purefoy being able to match Bacon, the good guy, the only FBI agent able to understand Carroll after capturing him the first time, move for move. “Doing scenes with Kevin is like playing tennis with someone better than you. There’s nothing egocentric about it, so it’s very pure acting.

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