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They suddenly became very “off and on” and they finally seemed to end circa fall/winter 2009.

MLP quickly found a new piece, who she’s been with ever since.

Priyanka suggested they both will take turns, to which Jeffrey said why don’t you hold it as you like “holding it”. Priyanka laughs out loud and hands over the mic to her co-presenter.

Grey’s fans, we’re with you if you were hoping against hope that real-life Denny had married real-life Izzy, but sadly that’s not the case.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been married twice, though he’s currently married to Hilarie Burton, who you might recognize from MTV or One Tree Hill.

About two years ago, something really sketchy went down with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

He had been dating Mary-Louise Parker and they seemed really tight and really sexy, and then suddenly their relationship seemed to skid out of control.

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