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The articles were dense with sarcasm, shock, and vulgarities. JEFF TREMAINE (cocreator, director, Jackass; editor, ): One of our first articles was a guide called “How to Kill Yourself.” We had a tiny little staff. SPIKE JONZE (cocreator, producer, writer, guest star): In the late ’80s and early ’90s, no one cared about skateboarders.

Slowly we were collecting people who “got it.” They might not have had the most talent, but they definitely had the larger personalities. And I hired “Wee Man” because he worked at the local skate shop and would just come by all the time. CHRIS PONTIUS (cast member, writer): In the eighth or ninth issue, I was interviewed in , and it was pretty wild. STEVE-O (cast member, writer): I made it my mission to track those guys down. There was no Internet, no other way to communicate, so everyone just made their own videos, and that’s how skateboarding communicated with itself.

You couldn’t fake that, and if we could just preserve it, we had a show.

JASON “WEE MAN” ACUÑA (cast member, writer): Personally, I didn’t think it would transfer into mainstream society.

was a cars salesman and his mother, Lemoyne Clapp was a teacher.

Wife: Knoxville married Melanie in 1995 and filed for divorce in 2007.

A few magazines wanted the story, but nobody wanted the liability.

Everyone was fine with the pepper spray and the stun gun and the Taser gun.

"Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville married longtime girlfriend Naomi Nelson Friday, a source told Us I thought this stuff was only funny in the skateboard community.DAVE ENGLAND (cast member, writer): I was a total naysayer.Starting with the pepper spray, to the stun gun, and then the Taser gun, and then the bulletproof vest. I would be kind of the host, like videos—that’s the show.”SPIKE JONZE: At the start, when we didn’t know what it was, it could be anything.We thought, “We’ll have 22 minutes on TV every week to do whatever we want. Let’s not underestimate what ‘anything’ is.”BAM MARGERA (cast member, writer): We’d go to some park or building to skate ledges or Ollie off the stairs. A., and I played VAN TOFFLER (president of MTV Networks): We just knew there were a bunch of knuckleheads out there who had a very high tolerance for stupidity and pain.

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JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: Jeff persuaded me to film the self-defense piece. The article was my evil attempt at imitating my hero, Hunter S. JEFF TREMAINE: The guys we had been working with, none of them could really talk to the camera.

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