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In Orthodox Judaism it is very rare (estimated at under 3%) as Orthodox Jews follow Halachah (Jewish law) and interfaith marriage is forbidden in Judaism.

In the liberal groups it varies but it is very high, over 60% in some types of Judaism and is seen as a major issue that could well lead to the demise of those movements.

But does that mean a mother can still create a Jewish home in a marriage of split faith?

MILAN – Though the pope stopped short Friday of granting Catholics his official permission to marry Jews and members of other faiths, he did significantly soften the Church’s stance on marriage between...

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I go out of my way to scope out if a Jewish-sounding last name is really Jewish.

Raised in a Jewish home, lighting Shabbat candles and singing Hebrew prayers, I imagine a man who will join me at synagogue and teach our future children and me more about Judaism than I already know.

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So, I see you’re involved in a lot of Jewish organizations. ” Shocked by the honesty of the question, perhaps a bit flattered that he took the time to Facebook stalk me – a high compliment in 21 century dating – I asked myself the very same question: Am I only interested in dating a Jew?

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