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There have even been cases of men dating several Asian women at once, and when they're found out, it's as easy as deleting their profile and creating a new one under a different username.All of this data has been changeable throughout the years, so it seems that if there's anything that all online daters have in common, it is that they can be easily manipulated by culture and trends in the form of mainstream media, family, friends, and simple body chemistry.

But black men actually rated Latinas as 3% more desirable than the average woman, and Latin men rated them as 6% more desirable.Racism is an extremely prevalent issue in modern culture.This can stem from any variety of misconceptions about a race or about those who identify with that race.According to online dating trends, black women tend to be less popular among men.Back in 2009, Asian men scored black women as 16% less desirable than the average woman.

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