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They may even show-up early to make sure they get the freshest, hottest cup (don’t forget the fancy creamers). Is THAT the pen you’ve been waiting for (the one they saw you ordering last week)?!?!? Oh yes, you do not need a special indestructible shield to be the office captain (see what I did there? This person is in charge of everything, without EVER being asked.Just remember to use small and slow motions around them—as they have been juiced up on caffeine ALL DAY! Late Tuesday afternoon is when the shiny Staples boxes are delivered and signed for, yet when you arrive Wednesday morning, all of the good stuff is gone! Is their scotch tape dispenser full when everyone else has run out? They send weekly updates and make plans for the office chili cook off.How to work with them: Maybe these Cubicle Creepers think better on the go.It may not be their fault that they are always moving around. No matter what time of day, no matter what is going on around them, they are never, ever without a cup of coffee. How in the world do they have time to grab those Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiatos EVERY day…better yet how do they AFFORD them?!? If friendship is not a worthy goal, try out-hoarding the hoarder.How to work with them: I hope you like the smell of coffee because the easiest way to lure them to a meeting is to have a pot of coffee brewing in the room (or a Keuring, if you’re fancy). You may not realize they are a stockpiler unless you investigate the details. Think of it as a classroom helper job, just like the one you had in first grade.Entice them with the fruit of life; use that coffee as bait! Was that new light blue legal pad from the last office order? I bet they wouldn’t mind sharing their office supply stash with a close friend. OR if necessary, find their stash and slowly take from it whenever you need something just be careful not to get caught.

Sometimes they do not know how to stay in their own lane, yet in their minds they do this for the “betterment of the office.” How to work with them: You have a very hard choice to make—either sit back and let the person be the captain or start voicing your opinion.This person must be able to work within their personality.This means that you need to think about how they work and remind them of your habits, before starting a project together.People are interesting and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and volume levels.The workplace is one of the only places on earth that you’ll find a huge eclectic mix of people whose only common tether is their career field…or maybe just those four walls holding the building up.

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