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For example, sometimes fit means “we move really fast here and you have a slower pace.” Sometimes it means “we’re highly structured and hierarchical and you’re more free-wheeling.” Sometimes it means “to succeed here, you have to be really entrepreneurial and you’re uncomfortable without a lot of direction.” Sometimes it means “we’re all about making life easy for our clients (or our coworkers) and you don’t share that orientation.” Those are all legitimate things that it makes sense to screen for, based on who does and doesn’t thrive in a particular organization’s culture or the culture they’re working to build.

But sometimes “fit” gets used in seriously problematic ways.

Reference in others' and their friends'interests and profiles to bareback make me distinctly uncomfortable and I will not meet.I cannot be available for meets in less than 5 hours unless I have contacted you or I've announced that I'm looking to meet "now".Although I don't accommodate at home, I do hotels, parties, events, clubs, saunas, outdoors or yours of course.It’s definitely possible that “not the right fit” was a cover for all sorts of other things, from “we want to reorg your department but we’re not being forthright about it” to “we just aren’t clicking with you.” But it’s also possible that what they told you was the truth — that you were in a role where you really did need to take more initiative, even at only four months in.It’s easy to think that’s silly since you were only there four months, but there are jobs where you could legitimately spot a mismatch in that area, even that early on.

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