List of accommodating resistance machines

Accommodating resistance can match the strength curves of each of these lifts.The chains or bands deload at the bottom and increase in weight or tension as the lift approaches lockout.

With that said, we all have weak spots within that ROM. As a raw lifter, the sticking points will be the same for everyone, as there are more disadvantageous joint angles in each lift.For the squat below parallel is not the problem, but actually a couple of inches above parallel is where the bar will slow down. The bench press tends to be a couple of inches off of the chest, and the deadlift has a sticking point right below the knee.Will some people struggle with locking out the bench press at the top, or the deadlift at the top? For the bench you need to add in more triceps work, and the glute work for the deadlift.Not only do bands and chains teach us to accelerate the weight, they also teach us how to decelerate the weight.This may be where accommodating resistance has its biggest positive effects on field athletes, as change of direction requires us to decelerate our bodyweight and accelerate in another direction.

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