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Standard Disclaimer: Alyx peered over the edge looking at the story descending beyond the bottom of the screen, then she looked over at Bob."What's this? This wasn't the story she thought he was working on. I mean, who else has visited you regularly for the last fifteen years, hmmm? Malfoy senior was set aflame with a rather ingenious combination of charms that keeps him alive and forever burning. Harry casually waved his hand, casting a zone of silence around them."Now, Severus, is that any way to talk? When Harry finally looked at him again, he wore a malicious smile."On the other hand, there was some satisfaction.

Who else could have thought of combining an Incendio spell with healing and time slow charms? There are possibilities for other stories to spin off in this AU verse. But we're back."Bob smiled brightly and thought about technicolor penguins and dancing girls in the disclaimers. The cell block was warded and he could feel Aurors dying as they crossed they crossed his ward, but he didn't care."Severus, how are you old friend? He conjured a few bottles of water and several loaves of bread, which he then pushed through the bars towards Snape. You're just here to torment me again."Snape had been arrested shortly after the fall of Voldemort. His appearance was merely the last straw in a series of last straws for me."Can you imagine the nerve of that old bastard, faking his own death? "I already have a second story well underway in this universe."Alyx sighed and looked at the audience. It's not even the X-Men crossover we're still working on. The last time she did that Bob took off his clothes and looked at her hopefully. Outside the cell, Harry gestured and a comfortable chair appeared next to him. As feelings of sympathy began to flood through him, images of the attack the man before him had orchestrated on Ginny flashed through his mind. The man acted as if he had personally killed the Dark Lord, rather than running and hiding like the cowardly dog he is.In fact, until today, the Ministry didn't have a clue, and they still don't really understand, what's going on. I'm not going to hurt you, Severus," Harry said gently, his eyes shining. Since Harry destroyed the dementors in the last war, the only thing killing prisoners in Azkaban was the bad food, or lack of it. The number of people grew until we had to expand the island several times.They know they shouldn't mess with me, but they don't really understand why they know that. He had long grown accustomed to the nightmare curses the Aurors cast on him that caused him to wake, screaming in terror, every day. Eventually, I bought some of the surrounding islands and we incorporated those into Norman's Cay. She's got a heart of gold and a social conscience a mile wide.

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