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But one striking thing about the women I mentioned is that they are all independent and successful, which explains why they won't give a damn about the men they choose to date or go steady with.

Now, for those in their 20s and early 30s, you may be afraid of losing your own prey to an older, more experienced woman.

Older women in general seem to have gained their traction on a growing number of male species.

On many occasions, it is these women who unabashedly prey on the younger males; hence, proliferating the cougar-cub relationship in our highly diverse dating jungle.

” –Lucy, 29, Brooklyn “One year, my now-husband and I decided to do New Year’s Eve separately—he had a ‘guys only’ group thing and I had a ‘girls only’ group thing.

However, at the last minute, he changed his mind, and out of the blue at PM left his party on one side of the city and hauled all the way across town to find me.

It is only now, however, when they have become a bit more acceptable to society.“A few years ago, I was heading towards this guy I really liked to give him a New Year’s Eve kiss when then his friend totally cut me off and insisted that WE kiss. I was pretty tipsy, and as I was walking over to the boy I ACTUALLY liked, his friend stepped right up to me, blocking my path and said, ‘So, should we . ” –Lucia, 26, Hoboken “A few years ago, I was casually dating this guy for a couple of months when November rolled around, and I decided I wasn’t into it anymore.I gave him the ‘I’m really busy, not sure I have time to hang anymore,” excuse.There are a number of definitions for cougar being offered by Urban Dictionary.Some say that cougars are women past their primes who are once again on the hunt for dates, often clad in overly skimpy outfits that are enhanced by padded bras and some cosmetic wonders.

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