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This one brings to mind the best of the Joe Cuba / Jimmy Sabater / Cheo Feliciano collaborations of the '60s and '70s.

A modern take on the classic sounds of the golden age of Latin dance music.

George's voice has been utilized in many TV and radio commercials.You have heard him on film scores for films such as The Hangover, The Hangover 2, The Pink Panther 1 & 2, The Great Debaters, Speed, A Bug’s Life, Woman on Top, The Adam’s Family Values, and many more.Kevin is perhaps best known for his constant presence on television.It incorporates both English and Spanish lyrics flowing in and out of the same tune and offers up not just a swingin’ dance beat, but a thoughtful account of love lost, Latin pride, and clever double-entendres.Lucky 7 band members, united by their love of mambo, bring to the stage the flavor of the past with the intensity of the present.

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Currently, he can be seen every weeknight on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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