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She was contemplating a return to the States, when suddenly, after ten years, Indiana Jones reappeared on her doorstep.

She did not extend a warm welcome, instead she gave him a punch in the face but reluctantly agreed to part with one of her father's artifacts—a medallion referred to as the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra—for the sum of three thousand dollars.

There, in Patan, Abner purchased a small tavern, which he christened The Raven.

For several years, Marion managed the bar while the proceeds benefited her father's expeditions in the surrounding mountains.

Assisted by the Adventure Society recruit, the pair tracked the thief to a monastery.

When Abner disappeared in early 1936, Marion assumed the worst.

I enjoy hanging with friends and working on my truck.

Marion Ravenwood (later Marion "Mary" Williams) was the daughter of archaeologist Abner Ravenwood and the wife of Colin Williams, and later, Indiana Jones, with whom she had a son, Henry III or "Mutt".

Marion and the recruit joined forces and found the tracks led to the Yeti lair, a cave complex where the Man with the Silver Eye's mercenaries had chased off the creatures.Sign up today for free to browse singles and personal ads in Indiana, meet singles online using our free Marion online dating service!Finding singles in Marion is easy with our fully free online dating service. My N terests R as follows - cooking , sewing , crafts , singing , music , art , animals , reading , try N 2 get others 2 Laff , I am a member of - church of Christ - , children , DATING GUYS ONLY , collecting ... I am not an angry person, and I am not interested in someone that is.However, Jones had second thoughts and the relationship ended a week before the wedding.Instead, Marion would go on to marry Colin Williams but the child she bore was fathered by Jones.

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