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I had one song to do, which was very strange, but Ash was very supportive. There seems to be a bit of confusion as to whether this is a Hollywood or a Bollywood movie. A: It’s simply a movie that has been made within the Gurinder genre of cinema, which is for it to be a new kind of movie, a global movie, irrespective of culture and geography, since the message is universal.M: I think it is a British film honouring the Bollywood tradition. I think Gurinder achieved a wonderful balance of western and eastern film language. I think people love a good musical, and perhaps we will see more of them.I’m an actor, and my purpose is to experience and grow.I have tried my best to see to it that I don’t get compartmentalized.I put on weight (laughs) to look like a Punjabi (girl).Lalita is someone who takes her siblings and family under her wing without necessarily making a statement about it. It naturally happened, because earlier that year, not long before the movie started filming, I had met with an accident, and the combination of inactivity and medication triggered the weight gain. And I thought, “Hey, this has made my job so much easier.” Martin, how about you, how did you go about preparing for the role?When I was doing this film, I realized that a lot of what she wrote way back then allows us to draw parallels even today. For me, it’s about working with a director whose vision I can see and believe in.

I’m not sure we’ll be seeing Tom Cruise singing in Hindi anytime soon, but I hope people enjoy the spirit of Bollywood in this film.

What does it mean to you now that the movie is complete?

A: It was wonderful being part of a movie where the relationships and the emotional journeys of the characters came to life in such a pure and innocent translation of the Austen classic.

Namrata (plays Jaya Bakshi) is the picture-perfect elder daughter, who is everything a mother would want her daughter to be, and I’m almost like the son of the house, working with her father in the farm. But seriously, it’s easy to do, as I am just as normal as you, or anyone else, for that matter. M: I studied Jane Austen’s and the BBC version because I wanted to honour the source of this material.

So, it made sense to have some weight on Lalita and make her look like a normal, Indian girl. I had to get used to wearing suits as well, since I’m usually in jeans and a T-shirt.

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M: I wanted to do this film mainly because it was such a fresh and new idea. S., which, evidently, would bring three different approaches to acting.

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