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I'd love to get one but my family are in remote locations. Nearest superchargers are 200 mile roundtrip and it takes 48 hours to recharge on a normal socket when you arrive.Otherwise for the other 46 weeks of the year it would be fine and hiring a normal car instead wouldn't have autonomous driving from Devon to Scotland which would be awesome!Yes, you should, but of course you need to have your eyes wide open to the traditional electric car hang-ups.For the £55,000 that the 70D will set you back, you could plump instead for a diesel 5 Series that would do 600-odd miles between fill-ups.If it decides to jink left like an erratic puppy that's seen a tabby cat, telling an officer of the law So what about the rest of the car? The ride is much improved over the early cars we tried.It’s firm in a sporty way, but feels beautifully engineered to keep a decent level of compliance with no crashy moments to ruffle your feathers.The steering is quick and accurate with lovely weighting, even if it doesn’t exude oodles of feel.

1974) og er autorisert som flerspråklig (engelsk, tysk, fransk) lokalguide i Oslo (1971).Even if you're careful the Tesla will struggle to cover a third of that distance, and although you have free access to Supercharging stations that’ll grant you a further 80% charge in about 30 minutes, long road trips are never going to be as straightforward as they would be in a conventionally powered car.However, most people’s daily commute or general transport needs can be comfortably managed on one charge, and even plugging it in at home will cost you a fraction of the price of a tank of diesel or petrol.Point 3, you get all those extra's for just £2500 and can have them retro-fitted to your current car, would Merc or Porsche go to those lengths for current owners especially that cheaply and one that's better than the "meandering systems we’ve experienced from Mercedes and BMW".Other than that the best just got better, just forget the self driving rubbish and the colour brown!

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  1. The committee's choice was framed to include both work performed in digital media and work created on a computer but published in print (as, for example, was Brian Kim Stefans's computer-generated poem "Stops and Rebels").