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“I still go visit him.” In April 2009, after the International Criminal Court indicted Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir for atrocities and he ordered 40 percent of the humanitarian-aid workers out of the country in retaliation, Mia went on a hunger strike to raise awareness and put pressure on him. If you went over there, all you discussed was Africa.” Mia’s friend and neighbor Rose Styron—who is the widow of the author William Styron and has known Mia since she appeared on a boat with Sinatra in the 60s near the Styrons’ summer house on Martha’s Vineyard—feels very differently: “I can’t wait till she comes back from Chad or the Sudan.

They crossed rivers on tires covered with planks and traveled to places the U. had declared too dangerous to attempt under its auspices.Her focus is no longer acting (she has made more than 40 films) but activism, in Africa, as a UNICEF ambassador and on more than 20 missions of her own, particularly to the Darfur region of Sudan and to neighboring Chad.Coupling the mass killings in Darfur with China’s tacit support of the Sudanese government as well as its veto power in the U. Security Council in exchange for a claim on Sudan’s oil, she named the 2008 Beijing Olympics “the genocide Olympics” and triggered an international reaction.“I felt he gave me a sense of stepping up and assuming responsibility beyond my own family as a citizen.I stopped thinking only of my own lifeboat.” Of both men she says, “I think the bigger question is what did they find in me?

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