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A benefit if this type of zone is that it uses the security features of Active Directory.Stub zones were introduced with Windows Server 2003 and contain only the resource records that are required to identify the authoritative DNS servers for the master zone.Each new DNS server will have some new zones that can be searched. This is actually the default configuration for Windows 2003 DNS servers.Leaving this enabled simplifies DNS administration and speeds DNS queries to the internet.

Replicate to “all Domains in the Forest” even if you have only one domain, this will save you time in the future should a second domain be added.As equipment is replace over time easier DNS maintenance is achieved.Even though the default number of days is set to 7 to scavenge dynamically registered DNS Host records, it is not applied to any zone.DNS Stubs will decrease administration when DNS servers are replaced.Configure Zone Transfers using the Name Servers tab, and configure the Zone Transfers tab to transfer and notify the Name Servers of changes.

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