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They concluded that the killings were connected to a quarrel over the laundering of drugs money and that Maharaj had not been involved.

Adam Hosein was questioned but not charged over the Mc Kay killing, which stemmed from a bungled attempt to kidnap the wife of Rupert Murdoch.Instead the 55-year-old wife of the newspaper executive Alick Mc Kay was abducted.Adam was with his brother Nizamodeen on the day of the murder and, after being called as a prosecution witness, told the court that Arthur had been sick in bed that day.He said last night: "The more work we have done on Kris's case, the more obvious it has become that he was rail-roaded.I am convinced that we can show that he was not the killer." Mr Stafford-Smith has gathered evidence which he says will demonstrate that Maharaj, now 58, was cleverly framed.

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