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They chose to take the name X-Terminators after the group X-Factor pretended to be while they were still operating under the guise of mutant hunters.

Docking at the San Diego Naval Yard after months at sea, Rusty's mutant pyrokinetic powers activated when kissing a prostitute named Emma in an alley.Rusty began his training under the tutelage of X-Factor.He found it frustrating at first, but he gradually learned to control his power. After an accident during a training session, Rusty left X-Factor and was captured by Frenzy, but Artie Maddicks mentally alerted X-Factor and he returned to the Complex.Rusty declined, stating that he would not run anymore and turned himself into the Portsmouth Naval Prison.While in prison, Rusty was rescued by the students of X-Factor to rescue Artie and Leech who had been kidnapped by demons.

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