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Across all military branches, there is one event that gets the ladies especially excited — The Military Ball.

The first book to give a comprehensive account of all the children of Richard III, his only legitimate child, Edward of Middleham, Prince of Wales, his illegitimate children John of Gloucester, and Katherine, who became countess of Huntingdon also other possible children, particularly Richard Plantagenet of Eastwell.

A highly-detailed account of the gallant band of RAF and Commonwealth pilots who flew Gladiators and Hurricanes in defence of Malta between June 1940 and April 1942 when help in the guise of Spitfires finally arrived.

He is a willing and enthusiastic participant in The Illuminati's plotting, and acts as Central Command's face.

All right, this guy isn't actually in the military, but his status means he's pretty well-connected with them.

Major General Armstrong is Alex Armstrong's older sister and the eldest of the Armstrong siblings.

A mousy haired bookworm with a photographic memory who is mostly used for comic relief. Most of the other characters refer to her as "bookworm." She gets a job at the military working under Hughes copying down the books that burned in the military library in a fire and proves instrumental in the Elrics' search for the Philosopher's Stone. A former State Alchemist who participated in the Ishval Massacre, Mc Dougal went AWOL after the war and, years later, resurfaced as a madman trying to destroy Central City.The deadliest aircraft designed during the last months of the Second World War were an inspiration for the first generation of Cold War supremacy fighters ala the North American F-86 Sabre and Mikoyan-Gurevich Mi G-15.This ground-breaking book takes an insightful and close "New Look" at one of the most fascinating subjects of the Civil War—the long-overlooked battlefield contributions of the most forgotten fighting men of the Civil War, Black Confederates.This book illustrates the life of the architect of genocide, his background, upbringing and career. - it has certainly got the thumbs up from everyone for quality/appearance/design so thanks for all your efforts.Covering most of the most of the railways of Shropshire and following the River Severn down to the Bewdley area, this evocative book largely uses the photographs taken by the author and his father on their travels from the late 50s until the end of Steam in the late 1960s. The book is a superb creation, beautifully produced, splendidly laid-out ... It's great that there are companies like yours that are willing to give first time authors a chance.

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